Every year 85% of textiles produced ends up in landfills. Clothing. Shoes. Gear. Wasted, without a second thought. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can shift from a traditional, linear model to a circular model where people share, resell, repair and recycle clothing to keep them out of landfills and in the value chain. A world where people can have more experiences with less waste. 

Today, we’re taking steps towards making that world a reality. We’re launching an innovative recommerce program called The North Face Renewed.

The North Face Renewed is a collection of refurbished clothing remade to explore. It’s the great quality and performance you expect from The North Face with less impact on the earth.


STEP 1: Washed up

First, Renewed gear is professionally cleaned and inspected by our partners at The Renewal Workshop.

STEP 2: Tuned up

Then, it’s repaired to its original badassery. Sometimes that means replacing a button or zipper or stitching up a tear from a rough ride.

STEP 3: Back at it

Lastly, it’s quality-checked to ensure it’s up to our standards and then sent back into the world, ready for your next adventure.