What is The North Face Renewed?

The North Face Renewed is a collection of refurbished clothing remade to explore. Whether previously worn, returned, damaged or defective, it's inspected, washed and tuned up for your next adventure. It’s the great quality and performance you expect from The North Face with less impact on the earth.

Where do The North Face Renewed clothes come from?

In the pilot phase of this program, The North Face Renewed products come from returned, damaged, or defective clothing from The North Face’s distribution center. We hope to expand the sourcing of products in the future.

How does renewal work?

The North Face Renewed takes previously worn, damaged, defective or returned products and sends them to our Oregon-based partners at The Renewal Workshop where they are professionally cleaned and repaired to Like New or Great quality so they can be resold online and in stores.

Step 1: Washed up

First, Renewed gear is professionally cleaned and inspected by our partners at The Renewal Workshop.

Step 2: Tuned up

Then, it’s repaired to its original badassery. Sometimes that means replacing a button or zipper or stitching up a tear from a rough ride.

Step 3: Back at it

Lastly, it’s quality-checked to ensure it’s up to our standards and then sent back into the world, ready for your next adventure.

What is the cleaning process?

Our partners use numerous cleaning processes, including TERSUS Solutions, the world’s most advanced cleaning technology, to get The North Face Renewed gear to a clean-as-new quality.  

The TERSUS process harnesses the gentle cleaning properties of liquid CO2 to remove oils, particulates, and odor that degrade the useful life of apparel. Gently removing these elements improves the look and feel of a garment after each cleaning cycle and extends its useful life.

The TERSUS process uses CO2 in a closed-loop system where the CO2 starts out as a gas and is compressed to a liquid. Once in liquid form it runs similar to your home washing machine, using an environmentally safe detergent through cleaning and rinsing cycles. At the end of the process, the pressure is released and the CO2 turns back into a gas. The clothes will be completely dry. The process recaptures approximately 98% of the CO2. It eliminates the need for water, thus using fewer natural resources and produces no effluent. Also, as no heat is used, the garments are protected against shrinkage and fiber degradation.

What happens to clothes that are unrepairable?

If items are beyond repair, our partners recycle them to the highest available value. That means the material will be used to make something new – or upcycled. Sometimes the material is too damaged to be used again, so they aggregate these materials for recycling. While recycling innovation for textiles is still new, our partners are able to conduct R&D, and supply feedstock for that research.

What’s the difference between Clothes the Loop and The North Face Renewed?

Our Clothes the Loop program encourages people to drop off unwanted clothing and footwear, from any brand and in any condition, at The North Face retail and outlet stores to earn a $10 reward toward their next purchase of $100 or more at The North Face. The items dropped in our collection bins are sent to our non-profit partner, Soles4Souls, who uses them for disaster relief or micro-enterprise programs that aim to provide small entrepreneurs with business opportunities.

In contrast, The North Face Renewed cleans and repairs previously worn, returned, damaged, or defective products from The North Face’s distribution center and sells them at an affordable price online at thenorthfacerenewed.com

Will The North Face Renewed merchandise look new? How will I know what sort of repair has been done to the clothing?

While all The North Face Renewed gear is ready to get back in the game, not all are in the same shape. Internally, we identify the repairs the garments have received in two categories. For our initial online pilot, we will only sell Like New apparel where you will not be able to notice the repair or the wear. At stores and events, we may include Great apparel as well.

  • Like New: A product that’s been cleaned and may have required a repair that is now unnoticeable.
  • Great: A product that’s been cleaned and shows some slight wear  and/or may have required a repair that is now slightly noticeable.
What if I’m not satisfied with my purchase?

The North Face Renewed gear is covered by a one-year warranty that protects against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship and a 14-day return policy. Limitations apply. See Details.